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Prospect of paper pulping products and pulp molding machine

Why paper molding products are popular

With the improvement of environmental protection consciousness of our society, more and more paper pulp molding products are produced to replace the foamed plastic products. The reason why paper molding products are popular is as following:

First, the raw materials of paper molding products are waste paper and other natural plant fibers, which is easily to obtain and the impact on the environment is very small. Pulp molding products and its processing technology have the characteristic of environmental protection, and it also solves the problem of disposal of waster paper.

Second, the processing technology and recycling process are accordance with the concept of green environmental protection, which has important and significant effect in reducing environmental pollution. 

Third, paper molding products have great convenience in transportation and storage, not only can improve the economic benefits of enterprise who devotes to the paper molding products, but also improve the resource efficiency of industrial production in disguise, and the production process and equipment of pulp molded products are relatively simple, and the related technologies have been relatively mature. The current market demand for paper molding products has been growing rapidly. Therefore, the cost of investment in building factories is not high and the prospects are relatively optimistic.

Production technology of paper molding products

The production technology of pulp molding products is very simple, and most of the production equipment used in some processes is no different from ordinary paper mills. General paper making equipment can be used directly in the raw material processing and pulping process. The key technological process of molding products is product forming and finalization. These two processes have a decisive effect on product performance and apparent quality. The molding process is to vacuum absorb the raw material pulp onto the mold. In this process, the plant fiber and other solid components in the pulp will be evenly distributed on the mold surface, and part of the moisture will be squeezed and filtered through the mold filter under the action of vacuum adsorption. Reduce the moisture content of the semi-finished products, and the processing parameters such as vacuum degree determine the moisture content of the semi-finished products.

The shaping process is to make the structure and shape of the molded product more precise, and to ensure that the deformation of the product during the drying process is controlled. Therefore, it is necessary to control the temperature range, duration, and heating and cooling speeds during the drying process. Finally, according to the different uses of the product, the product needs to be further reshaped to meet the special needs of the product appearance.

Prospect of pulp molding machine

Paper molding products are the new packing materials recently, they are the excellent substitution for wood packing.

Pulp molded products adopt the manufacturing process of raw material pulping-ingredients-molding forming-drying-shaping. Since there is a large amount of moisture (about 55-60%) after compression molding, the moisture content of the final product is 12-14%, so during the drying process of the final products, the moisture that accounts for the weight of the products should be removed. This part of the moisture is all removed by absorbing heat into water vapor. Due to the phase change in the drying process, the energy consumption is very large, and the pulp molded products are processed into high energy consumption products. For this reason, thermal analysis of the energy conversion process of its drying is very necessary, that is because the design and processing of drying equipment can be improved through analysis, and the energy utilization rate can be improved, which has important guiding significance for reducing the production cost of the pulp molded product industry.

In recent years, with the increasing emphasis on national agriculture, medical products, food packaging, industrial packaging linings, and building materials, the development of agriculture has also been valued. Therefore, taking a sustainable agricultural path is also the country’s No. 1 document every year. The nursery of seedlings and flowers is also an important part of agricultural development. Plastic pots or black plastic films have always been used as flower pots for nursery seedlings. However, these products cannot be degraded. If they cannot be cleaned out in time, they will pollute the land. So people also looking for a new alternative product, and the characteristics of pulp molding derived from nature has become the best alternative!

The development and application of pulp molded products has become an inevitable trend of social development. Such products will also play a vital role in the development of various fields of society. With the advantages of their social, economic, artistic, pollution-free, simple technology, pulp molding products will definitely play a role in protecting the natural environment and improving the living environment. At the same time as a commodity, it has a very broad market space and development prospects, and will contribute to the promotion of economic development!

As stated, paper molding products will improve the development of paper molding machine, through many years of development, our company has high quality equipment, advanced technology and strong technical force. We have different models of paper molding machines, can fully meet the requirements of the customers. Welcome to our company and hope we will have a good cooperation!


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