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Pulp Molding Products Industry Application Classification

Pulp molding is a three-dimensional papermaking technology. It can use waste paper, old books, magazines, newspapers, cartons and boxes, etc. as raw materials, using a mold with a filter, and a special mold on a molding machine to mold a paper product of a certain shape. With the help of pulp molding machine which has different molds can produce different kinds of pulp molding products, when produce different pulp molding products, just change the molds is OK.

Pulp molding products can be made into model products of various shapes according to different purposes. Most of them are auxiliary materials with protective functions for various products. Generally, they mainly include cushioning packaging materials like egg trays, fruit trays, egg cartons, pulp molded agricultural products like seedling tray, and disposable tableware etc.

pulp molding products

Pulp molding products classification

Cushioning packaging materials

Cushioning packaging for industry product

It is mainly used as the internal cushion packing liner of industrial products, which can fix and protect the fragile products and precision instruments inside from being damaged by bumps during transportation. There are many varieties of buffer packaging, suitable for medium and small batch production. At the same time, it is necessary to design the geometric structure of the cushion packaging according to the internal core products.

paper shoe stretcher
fruit tray

Cushioning packaging for foods like eggs,fruit

It is mainly used for the outer packaging of fresh food such as poultry eggs and fresh fruits. It is suitable for all kinds of bulk transportation. When large quantities are transported, it needs to be used with the corrugated boxes placed in batches. It not only has the protective function, but also can isolate the internal items to prevent friction and collision between the internal items, the strong air permeability of the pulp molding material can absorb moisture to a certain extent, ensure the freshness of the items, and better slow down the interior speed at which the fresh fruit rots and deteriorates.

paper molding products

Pulp molded agricultural products

This mainly used for nursery products for farmland, flowers and grass conservation. The produced seedling products are also used to improve the survival rate of agricultural products and the preservation of agricultural and sideline products.

Pulp molding material mold products

Generally, it is a special shape formed by processing pulp molding materials, and is generally a handicraft, which can be used in household products, household appliances, props, etc.

paper cup tray
egg carton

Disposable tableware

Generally, disposable tableware uses white pulp as raw material, which is better than traditional foam tableware in terms of environmental protection. With the reduction of production cost and the rise of “paper instead of plastic”, its use has become more and more popular.

At present, domestic environmentally-friendly degradable tableware mainly uses wheat straw and sugarcane pulp as materials, and can also use plants such as straw, reed, cotton straw, etc., using modern pulping technology to extract plant fibers into pulp, and then mold the pulp into shaping equipment like disposable tableware. At present, the global ban on plastics is gradually being implemented, and the disposable degradable tableware is sure to become another rookie in the pulp molding industry.

disposable tableware


Besides the above pulp molding products, there are many other fields can use pulp molding machine, such as food and tableware packaging, agricultural packaging, high-quality industrial packaging, medical packaging, new building materials, entertainment toys and so on.

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