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Report on feasibility of developing pulp moulding machine & egg tray machine

Affected by the epidemic in 2020, competition in various industries will develop fiercely, and the import and export industry will shrink. However, in the pulp moulding industry in 2020, the development of egg tray machines will continue to rise. As such an experienced manufacturer of egg tray machines, AGICO offers high quality pulp moulding machine, especially various of egg tray machines. Under the guidance of the global economic environment, the number of overseas imports and exports has increased sharply, and has helped many friends realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Welcome friends from all over the world to consult about the wonderful pulp moulding machine!

Feasibility of manufacturing pulp moulding machine

The raw materials of the egg tray machine production line are mainly all kinds of pulp which uses straw as the raw material, such as straw pulp, reed pulp, sugar cane pulp etc. and waste paper. First of all, the scrap raw materials such as various types of pulp and waste paper, waste newspapers, cartons, books and various paper products are all renewable, recyclable, available on-site, and short production cycles. The finished product can also be degraded naturally and will not cause pollution, so it has great environmental protection significance and is recognized by the international community as the most environmentally friendly product.

Working principle of pulp moulding machines

The production process of egg tray equipment is simple and practical, and the production process basically achieves the environmental protection goal of zero pollution, which meets the requirements of cleaner production advocated by the country. First, the raw materials are put into the pulper to be crushed, and then the pulp with a certain concentration required for the product is produced through the mixing system. Then the pulp is adsorbed to the mold through the pulping adsorption molding system, and then the molded product on the mold is dehydrated through the dehydration system. The waste water generated during this period is returned to the pulping tank through the waste water return system for recycling. The dehydrated molded product is transferred to the drying system through the transfer mold for product drying. Then, check the finished products from the drying system. If you want to make the appearance of the product look more delicate and tidy, you can choose the hot pressing system for hot pressing. Finally, the product is packaged through the baler. From this production process, we can conclude that the entire egg tray machine production line will not produce waste water and solid waste, and all materials are used to the best of their ability, which meets the requirements of green production strongly advocated by the country.

procedures of egg tray making

For the drying system of egg tray production line, we offer different kinds of drying methods, not only contains all kinds of drying system, but also can according to the real requirements to choose the most suitable one. What’s more, our drying system has the features of environmental protection, non-pollution, safety and energy conservation. And energy consumption is up to 40% lower than other manufacturers in the same industry, and it is beautiful and easy to operate.

Necessary of devoting to pulp moulding machine industry

The production of egg tray machines occupies a pivotal position in the pulp molding industry. In response to the call for environmental protection and zero-pollution production, egg tray machines must have a broad market and development prospects. Then its investment and return have become the primary concern of the pulp molding industry.

Pulp moulding machine investment and benefit analysis

From the cost of investing pulp moulding machine, the raw materials of pulp molding products are all kinds of easy-to-find straws and waste paper, which are common in all regions and are inexpensive. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of pulp molding production technology and production technology, various energy consumption are also continuously reduced. The cost of some products is lower than some foamed and plastic products, which can replace EPS foamed plastics, which are expensive and polluting. So the advantages of investing pulp moulding machine are obvious, therefore, if you want to step into the pulp moulding machine industry, please don’t hesitate, come to our company, we can have a discuss. The following is the benefits of the egg tray machine from a company, you can refer it.

Project    unit cost unit cost(yuan/piece)
 Waste paper 1000 yuan/ton 0.076923
 Coal 450 yuan/ton 0.01825
 Electricity 0.9 yuan/c 0.012
 Others   0.013
 Worker salary by the piece yuan/day 0.013
 Total cost   0.1333173
 Sales price   0.21
 Benefits   0.076827

In summary, the annual effective production date is calculated as 300 days:
Output: 4500pieces*24hours*300days=32400000 pieces
Annual profit: 32400000piece*0.076827=2489194.8 yuan

At this point, we can conclude:
First: Pulp molding industry has small investment risks and quick returns!
Second: Pulp moulding machine can produce different products, not only egg trays, but also various pulp molded products such as bottle trays, shoe trays, fruit trays, and seedling trays etc.
Third: With the progress of the internationalization of environmental protection, pulp molded products will surely replace all foam and plastic products, so the market space is large.
Fourth: Fast recovery of costs. (Normal production can recover the cost almost half a year to a year)
Conclusions and recommendations
Under the influence of the international environment of the egg tray machine industry, on the one hand, the production and manufacturing of egg tray machinery conforms to the scientific and reasonable concept of ecological development. On the other hand, it can also drive economic development, improve people’s quality of life, and improve living standards!

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