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Why Choose Molded Pulp Packaging?

In everyday life, molded pulp packaging is used in many ways. Cookware, coffee mugs, eggs or electronics require specific moulded fibre packaging. The material of the moulded pulp packaging has the following advantages, for example, it is lightweight, space-saving, convenient for raw materials and environmentally friendly.

Reasons for choosing molded pulp packaging

1. Molded pulp packaging is widely used

Molded pulp is easy to work with and can be cast into different shapes and sizes as needed, which makes this packaging ideal for everyday use, adding extra protection to delicate and tough products. Pulp fibers are cast into different three-dimensional shapes, designed for a variety of products. Applicable to all kinds of packaging industries.

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2. Environmental protection of molded pulp packaging materials

Pulp packaging manufacturers use molded pulp packaging to reduce their carbon footprint and mitigate environmental degradation. Since it comes from natural fibers and materials, it is 100% recyclable. Most importantly, it is non-hazardous and non-toxic. Natural fibers are degradable and compostable, even if it’s dumped in landfills. By using natural raw materials, you can help reduce carbon emissions and reverse the damage caused by plastic and other non-biodegradable waste. Today, customers prefer companies that care about the environment. As molded pulp packaging is environmentally friendly, it is becoming a popular choice for customers. More and more companies are using pulp packaging materials.

3. The price of molded pulp packaging is more favorable

One way for packaging companies to increase their profits is to use molded pulp packaging. Compared with traditional packaging, the use of molded pulp packaging is lower cost and can bring higher profits to enterprises.

4. Increase impact protection

Molded pulp packaging is suitable for anything that will be carried, such as wine bottles, mugs, eggs, shoes, and more. The risk of goods being damaged in transit is relatively high, which can be avoided if they fit perfectly into the packaging material. Molded pulp packaging materials can soften vibrations and relieve the impact of pads, blocks, brackets, etc., and are more protective than traditional packaging materials.

Molded pulp packaging is not as rigid as plastic and other similar materials. Its softer texture eliminates the risk of scratching and scuffing items, making it ideal for transport and storage. In addition, molded pulp packaging is suitable for different temperature and humidity conditions. Depending on your shipment content and requirements, molded pulp packaging materials can be customized to provide oil, water, shock and static resistance.

5. Optimal use of space

Larger fiber builds save space by stacking and nesting inventory on pallets. Egg trays, for example, can be stacked together, greatly increasing the number of products that can be transported and stored in warehouses. Use molded pulp packaging to transport and store more product at one time, reducing costs. In short, molded pulp packaging is space-saving and cost-effective.

6. Infinite design possibilities

Thanks to advanced technology, extensive experience and a skilled team, moulded pulp packaging can be made in various shapes and sizes without compromising the quality of its protection. In addition, molded pulp packaging enhances the image of the company and its products, and increases customer trust and profits.


The outlook for manufacturing is shifting towards sustainability. Due to its eco-friendly nature, superior protection, lower production costs and top-notch customizability, more and more retailers are investing more in molded pulp packaging, which is an alternative to traditional plastic and polystyrene foam Packaging transformation.

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