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Why Egg Tray Molding Machine Does Not Demould?

Reasons Why egg tray machine does not demould

The reason why the automatic egg tray molding machine does not demould is generally due to the following three situations:

  • There are grooves in the mold.
  • The demoulding slope is insufficient.
  • The mold finish is not high.

Details about reasons

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Failures caused by insufficient demoulding slope are very common. When designing products, the demoulding slope must be marked on the drawing. The demoulding slope usually ranges from 1 to 2 degrees. Within this range, it is better to be as large as possible, and it is allowed to be above 0.5 degrees in special occasions.

If the injection pressure is too high, the product will be too close to the mold, and demoulding will become difficult. Molding agent, however, only a thin layer can be applied when using a mold release agent. It is difficult to wipe off if the spray is too thick. Also, due to the effect of the release agent, secondary processing such as printing marks on the product becomes very bad.

Once the release agent coated on the mold is attached to the product, it is quite difficult to wipe off. According to the above fundamental reasons, come up with a solution:

1. Immediately: reduce the injection pressure, shorten the holding time, reduce the mold temperature, reduce the demoulding speed, spray the release agent.

2. Short-term: improve the smoothness of the mold cavity.

3. Long-term: increase the demoulding slope, increase the number of demoulding pins.

4. Due to the difference in material, it is not uncommon for heavy and hard materials to cause damage to the product due to insufficient slope of the cap. For materials that are both sticky and soft, such as PE and PP, it is possible to cut off the product in several lumps.

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