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Working Process of Egg Tray Machine

The main raw material of making egg tray is waste paper. Under the action of shear force and water friction, waste paper is decomposed into pulp fiber in the hydraulic pulper.

The pulp fibers are delivered into the pulping storage pool. In order to get high quality end products, customers can choose vibrating screen to remove impurities and mill to grind the pulp fibers. You can add waterproof additives to get waterproof products. The pulp is then diluted to a certain concentration and pumped into the pulp tank of the molding machine.

When the molds of egg tray machine which is at the top of the pulping pool is dipped into the pulp, the pulp is absorbed and aggregated onto the surface of the mould by vacuum suction on the back of the mould. Due to the unique surface filtration and hollow structure of the mold, the pulp fibers in the pulp stick to the surface of the mold while the water is pumped away. The thickness of the fiber layer attached to the surface of the mold is about 2.5mm. It contains about 60-75% water and needs to be sent to the drying line to remove water. The final product is dried egg trays for packaging and storage.

There are many types of egg tray equipment, and a variety of industrial pulp molding products can be produced by changing different molds, like apple trays, seedling trays, shoe trays etc. The whole production process is recycling waste reuse, do not discharge pollution sources, so egg tray machien is called green environmental protection machinery.







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