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Troubleshooting of egg tray machine for pulp molding equipment

Egg tray machines

There are many types of pulp molding egg tray equipment, but they all have mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic components. The mechanical transmission mainly includes connecting rod transmission, crankshaft transmission, sheave transmission, chain transmission, and gear transmission.

How to maintain egg tray machine for pulp molding equipment

The mechanical tracks include angle iron slides, single-arm bearing slides, slider tracks, etc. The mechanical composition is somewhat simple and clear, and it is easy to find that the fault has been repaired.

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The electrical control is divided into two parts, one is that some electrical appliances control the motor operation is relatively simple, but the electrical appliances with intermediate stop are a bit complicated, (there are 1-2 close switches to control the time relay and then there are time relays to control the stop and rotation of the motor, if it is close to the switch or there is a fault in the time relay, and the machine cannot complete the operation without operating the machine), so the fewer electrical appliances, the lower the fault rate.

In addition, there are some electrical appliances that control the solenoid valve and the cylinder, each solenoid valve has a proximity switch control, the cylinder has a proximity switch to control the solenoid valve, and then the solenoid valve controls the cylinder, and the cylinder controls the dehydration valve, which constitutes four parts. Constraints, there is a chain reaction that does not work so that the machine can not work.

In order to minimize the failure rate of the machine, reduce the use of electrical appliances as much as possible, use as little pneumatic components as possible, and simplify the composition of the machine as much as possible.

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